Nutritional Benefits of Steamed Carrots

fresh carrotsCarrots offer a vital nutritional value. As such, people should make an effort to have carrots for their nutritional benefits as well as their ability to prevent some medical conditions. The good thing about carrots is they are available all year round. As such, you will always have them whether you want to eat them raw, have them included in a recipe, or boil them. Steaming carrots, in particular, helps prevent nutrient loss damaging their nutritional value.

If you are thinking about the possibility of adding some carrots to your diet, here are some nutritional facts about this vegetable.

Vitamin A

Carrots are a natural source of vitamin A. Carrots contain significant amounts of beta-carotene, which is the compound that gives them their pink color. Ideally, body mechanisms metabolize beta carotene into vitamin A. Biologically active vitamin A strengthens your immune system, improves your skin’s health, and improves your vision. A cup of steamed carrots offers more than the minimum amounts recommended to either men or women.

Vitamin K

Eating steamed carrots goes a long in improving the amounts of vitamin K in your system. Ideally, Vitamin K has been shown to enhance communication within the cellular level and also improve the blood’s clotting abilities. If you are involved in an accident, the presence of vitamin K in your system means that you do not have to lose lots of blood if you suffer an injury.


Steamed carrots are rich in potassium. Potassium is one of the three essential nutrients needed for the development of the nerve functions. As such, a potassium-rich diet goes a long way in improving the quality of nervous communication. Moreover, potassium is also essential in muscle development and functioning. Ideally, potassium deficiency causes muscle weakness and cramping. Ideally, serving of boiled carrots goes a long way in supplementing your potassium intake.boiled carrots

Carrots offer a range of health benefits. Besides the nutrients shared above, carrots are a great source of calcium, which is need for the development of both teeth and bones. It is advisable to add steamed carrots to your daily portions. While it steamed carrots might not be pleasant, you might toss in some herbs or salts to make them tastier. And if boiling doesn’t seem to work, you might add them to your smoothie to boost its nutritional value.