Types Of Oil Diffusers In The Market

aromaHistory has it that the process of diffusion of essential oils dated back to ancient civilization in India, China, Rome and also Greece. The major uses of this oils where for therapeutic healing as well as spiritual and hygienic well-being. As time when by and there were technological advancement and invention of hand oil diffusers, it became very easy to keep homes fresh and fragmented.

According to http://oildiffuserexperts.com, if these diffusers are used properly, they will yield incomparable results regarding enhancing¬†one’s moods, relieving stress, promoting immunity, easing the emotional or physical pain, maintaining focus and enhancing relaxation.

Aromatherapy diffusers simply work in a simple way; they diffuse aromatic oils into the air. The cool mist travels through the nose nerves to the brain; the aroma then calms down the section of the brain that controls the feelings of pain or emotion.

In the market, today we have a variety of diffusers and thereby see the essence of choosing the one that will fully fulfill the preference of any particular individual.

Popular diffusers that are available in the market

1. Ultrasonic diffusers

These are one of the best diffusers available in the market; they use water along with oils this leads to the water mixing with the oil and released into the air. One of their advantages is that they utilize non-heat ultrasonic waves that do not affect the essential properties of healing. This diffuser also has added features like humidifiers, the auto shut functionality they also have an enabled color changing LED lights. Some even have the feature or remote controlled functionality.

2. Nebulizing diffusers

This particular one does not need the addition of water to the essential oils. This one with the help of an atomizer creates fine particles which they blow into the air. As far as this process is concerned, they are the type of diffuser that provides the strongest concentration of essential released into the air. One of their disadvantages is that they are louder than the ultrasonic diffusers, they also do not have any LED fitted. Also since no water is added to them, they consume oil very quickly, while having a short run time and are thus expensive as compared to their predecessors.flower

3. Evaporative diffusers

This is the very basic air diffusers which only involve a process where essential oil is applied on a pad or filter, and it is evaporated or vaporized through a special kind of fan, some of the basic examples of this type of diffusers include inhalers and clay pendants. When you compare them with other diffusers, they are not very effective in a large room or bigger areas. But they are very much effective in small rooms, for example, using them in your car when traveling they can be of great help.

4. Heat diffusers

This type of diffusers is very efficient in spreading fragrances in your home or office. But they are not that effective when it comes to the therapeutic properties of essentials. In this type of diffusers, essential oils are heated to get diffused. In this process, one who is using them gets a lovely aroma, but the heat removes the healing properties of the essentials.