What To Look For When Buying A Rollator

A rollator can be defined as wheeled walking frame, which provides extra stability for a user. It comes with important accessories such as brakes, shopping basket, and brakes. You should note that a rollator is quite strong, easy to maneuver, sturdy, and meant for outdoor use. They do differ from the traditional walking frames since they are better equipped, heavy, and more robust. They are available in pediatric, bariatric, and adult versions.

Safety considerations

Your safety when using a rollator is the most important thing. In any case, that is why you are buyirollatorng one. The following are some safety considerations to take into account:

  1. Brakes – they should be easy to apply and grip. Also, consider whether you can apply then while wearing gloves. Another important brake is the parking one, and hand-brakes can be locked in place.
  2. Handles – Just like brakes, handles ought to be easy for gripping. Moreover, they should be set at a comfortable height.
  3. Seat – It should be suitably sized, fitted with backrest, and strong for added security.
  4. Wheels – they should be ideal for the intended conditions. In fact, large wheels are quite easy to maneuver through the uneven or rough ground.

Functional considerations

There are various factors you need to consider when purchasing a rollator. However, they are dependent on your personal requirements and environment that rollator is likely to be used. These are some factors which you should take into account:rollator

  • Comfort. You need to check the comfortability of the seat and its walking position.
  • Ergonomics. Choose a rollator that is equipped with adjustable handles and seat. Also, the user should have adequate room. It should have a place where to store accessories such as a basket, tray, lamp, water bottle, and such like.
  • Special features. Sometimes the user will have to negotiate obstacles. In this case, you need a rollator that features special kerb-climber facility. If a user reduces grip strength as a result of a health condition or arthritis, you should get a rollator with arthritic attachments that can offer stability and grip.
  • Strength. You should check maximum user weight and ensure it is appropriate for intended users. There are also bariatric rollators that feature wider seats and reinforced frames.