Hair Loss Prevention

5 Effective Tips On Mens Hair Loss Prevention

hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most disturbing problems that many men face in the modern times. There are several factors that lead to hair loss, but they mostly depend on individuals. Most men think about preventing the hair loss when they have lost a lot of it. If you can start early it will work easier for you both financially and emotionally. You should also note that prevention of hair loss is an easier process that treating the problem. Below are some tips on hair loss prevention for men.

  • Use hot oil treatments

One of the greatest and efficient ways to prevent hair loss in male is by use of hot oil treatments. You can use any type of natural oil such as canola, olive and coconut oil. You need to heat it up to make it warm, but not extremely warm. Do gentle massage on the area affected by the hair loss. Then, you should wear a shower cap and give it an hour and apply shampoo afterwards.

  • Natural juiceshair loss

You can also rub your scalp using onion juice, garlic or any other natural juice. Leave it for a whole night and them wash it off effectively in the morning. These natural juices have elements that boost hair growth cells leading to prevention of the loss. Such natural juices also have beneficial nutrients for your overall health.

  • Head massage

It is also possible to prevent hair loss by massaging the scalp for some minutes per day. The massage assists in stimulation of blood circulation leading to enhanced hair growth. Effective circulation also assists in keeping hair follicles active at all times which accelerates hair growth. You can improve circulation by massaging the scalp with few drops of bay essential or lavender oil.

  • juiceAntioxidants

Antioxidants can also go a long way in prevention of hair loss in male. You can apply the green tea on the affected area and allow the mixture to stay for sixty minutes and then remove it. Green tea has antioxidants that control loss of hair and enhance hair growth. To get the best results, use two to three bags of brewed tea in a cup of water.

Practice meditation and other stress relieving methods

In most cases, the major reason for loss of hair in male is tension and stress. You can prevent hair loss by applying stress relieving strategies such as meditation. By applying such stress and tension reduction strategies, you reduce hair loss by ensuring that there is hormonal balance.