A Guide to Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher

In the event of an emergency in an office, home, or in a building, every person must be safely accounted for and evacuated for. That is why all workplaces are legally required to have quality fire extinguishers installed and working correctly. Fire is a result of chemicals between fuel, oxygen, and heat. Therefore, these make up the fire triangle, and these elements are necessary for any fire to start and survive. But in case any of them is removed, this means that the light will be extinguished.

On the same note, it is essential to understand that if not handled carefully, fire can be deadly. That is why it is recommended to conduct enough research and know the right factors that you need to put into consideration before making your final purchasing decision. With these tools, your family members and even your neighbors will be safe and health. Here are the tips that you need to consider.

Identify the Right Type of Fire Extinguisher

Once you make up your mind that you want to choose the right fire extinguisher, it is essential to understand which type of fire extinguisher would be best for you. We have households’ fires that are divided into various categories based on the type of fuel burning. That is why it is believed that different fire extinguishers can put out multiple types of fire. Below are the common types of fire extinguishers that you need to know.

Foam Extinguishers

fire extinguisherFoam extinguishers are among the standard fire extinguishers that you can get in the market. In most cases, they are used against fire caused due to the burning of flammable liquids and solid combustibles. They can vary widely in size, and this means that you will find the right size that you want.

Dry Chemical Extinguishers

We have the dry chemical extinguishers that use mono ammonium phosphate for fighting the fire. They have a pressure gauge that described the type of fire that they can extinguish. Ideally, it is used to extinguish the fire that is caused due to electrical equipment, flammable liquids, and solid combustibles.

The Price

Lastly, you need to figure out the amount of money that you will spend on these fire extinguishers. You need to create a budget after knowing the price range of these tools. Ensure that you purchase durable fire extinguishers at an affordable price.