Shooting Pain In The Leg

Shooting pain in the leg is quite a painful experience, similar to that of an electric shock. The pain is usually prominent in the calf muscles and back of the thigh. The common cause for this problem is pinching or damage of the sciatic nerve, which is found in the lower back. There are many conditions, which may lead to the shooting nerve pain in the leg. Some of the common conditions are highlighted below.

Causes for shooting pain in the leg

Poor blood circulation

You are likely to experience sharp pain in the leg pain after sitting in one position for an extended period. An example of when you might experience it is during a long flight. This happens because sitting for too long without any leg movement affects the normal blood flow in the legs. With a low circulation of blood in the legs, the nerves will not function as normal, and pain will be experienced. This kind of leg pain should not be alarming, and it disappears just moments after setting the legs in motion.


The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back all the way to the feet, supplying sensation to the legs. It is the longest of all the nerves in the human body. When a part of the nerve is comp
ressed or pinched, a condition known as sciatica, it will cause shooting pain in the back and legs. The most common cause of sciatica is slipped discs.


Failing to control diabetes over a long period may also lead to pain in the legs. Rising blood sugar levels due to the diabetic condition may cause peripheral neuropathy, among other complications. The excess sugar damages the nerves as it flows, interfering with the transmission of sensation from the legs to the brain. The leg pain can be experienced in either the feet, calf muscles or thighs, depending on the particular nerve that has been damaged.


Fibromyalgia may also result in shooting pain in the leg. The condition triggers symptoms that are similar to arthritis. The ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the leg will radiate pain in the leg. The pain usually occurs in intermittent episodes that may even last for years.


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