Health Technology: Innovation Used in Dental Procedures

Dental services technology has advanced in a great way today. People can easily regain back their smile in case they were involved in an accident or infection that stole their oral beauty. If you visit most dental clinics today, you will be surprised to see some great innovation; all in the name of helping people.

When it comes to oral surgery services and any other dental procedures, it is good that a person knows how far technology can help.

Laser Teeth Whitening

LaserStained and yellowing teeth is a great concern for many. While most over the counter products may leave the teeth sensitive to various items, laser teeth whitening is both effective and safe. It is an option people have today when they visit the dental clinic for teeth whitening.

The machines are detailed and will need to be handled by an expert to avoid overexposure. The dentist will also access the situation and give an advise as some of the situations may need alternative solutions.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is also used in other body parts including the eyes. In dentistry, it also becoming a great success as a computer can map the tissues and direct how deep the laser should cut. Experts also say that this surgery is precise on the gum without damaging the teeth or the jaw bone.

Soft tissue surgery is the popular option the dentists have. The technology plays a part in many situations like oral cancer, reconstructive surgery after an accident and many other situations.

Advanced scanning

Before a dentist proceeds with any dental surgery procedure, they need to understand the extent of the problem. Poor alignment of the jaws, teeth and bones can only be seen through the use of scanning, which is better than x-rays. Today, we have advanced scanning that can map any dental problem people are having and show greater details. Such scanners may be expensive but worth having in a dental clinic to allow dentists do a thorough job.


With the introduction of computer-assisted design and 3D printing, the dentists can now make better dentures, crowns and bridges. People frequent dental clinics with a need to have their teeth corrected. Such a clinic should have a digital scanner to take the picture of the space that needs to be filled. The technology of 3D printing or CAD will then go ahead and make an appropriate bridge or crown. Sometimes, it may be a full denture in preparation for fitting.

Innovative oral care products

The oral sections of departmental stores and supermarkets are now filled with products that claim to be of high quality and best in the prevention of dental problems. Toothbrushes keep on getting better in cleaning and taking care of the gums. Sometimes, it is hard to settle on one of these products as they differ in the technology used and all claim to be the best.

People now have all the reasons to enjoy the smile of their dreams courtesy of these technologies. You can easily choose what you want and look for a dental clinic with such services.