Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

It’s been some time since people started vaping. And ever since, there have been concerns about the benefits of vaping over traditional smoking methods. Most proponents of vaping see it as a healthier alternative to smoking, a fact that has been strengthened by research. Vaping is a common practice all over, and the demand for vaping essentials like those that Turn wax into vape juice has been increasing over time. That said, here are some health benefits of vaping that could be behind their popularity.


Unlike traditional smoking, vaping has minimal amounts of chemicals if any. Ideally, convectional smoking produces at least 24 different types of chemicals. Taking in these chemicals into your body puts you at risk of contracting serious ailments like cancer. On the contrary, vape juice contains a lot few substances, most of which do not have any severe implications on our body – vape juices are FDA approved.

Smoking is often associated with severe ailments like lung cancer, mouth cancer, and a host of other respiratory tract infections. Medical experts also believe that it could lead to cardiovascular diseases and many other incurable diseases. The adverse effects on health are often caused by the by-products of combustion, which are mostly carcinogenic.

Less Addictive

Nicotine is naturally addictive. As much as e-liquid might contain some traces of nicotine, they are often classified to less addictive as compared to cigarette smoking. In light of this, vaping can be used to combat your addiction problem. Also, it is also possible to find commercially available e-liquids that do not have nicotine. As such, vaping could potentially serve as the first step to quitting smoking.

vaping manDoes Not Harm Others

Smoking is known to harm the user and those around them. Passive smoker is believed to be at high risk of contracting severe smoke-related conditions. Vaping presents a safer alternative for people in the immediate vicinity of the individual vaping. Also, vaping fumes are often odorless or have a pleasant aroma, which does not interfere with the comfort levels of those around you.

Good for The Environment

Smoking itself and the litter produced by smoking is bad for the environment. Thus, smoking does not only jeopardize the health of the user, those around them, and contributes to atmospheric pollution. On the other hand, vaping does not subject the environment from any risk to the environment.